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Empowering smallholder farmers for commercial vegetable farming

The smallholder farmers of the Naukunda Rural Municipality of Rasuwa district were motivated for adopting a scientific way of commercial vegetable farming to enhance their economic status. The pro-active farmers were equipped with skills and techniques through training and capacity building programs.

  • Training on commercial vegetable farming in a protected structure facilitated w ...

    Training on Vegetable production at Naukunda Rural Municipality, Rasuwa

    A two-day training on ‘Vegetable Production: from Seed to the Market’ was organized on 29th - 30th July and  11th - 12th August 2019 respectively at Patikharka and Khalchet of Nukunda Rural Municipality of Rasuwa district for altogether 40 households. The training covered the vegetable nursery establishment, proper care and mana ...

    Sapling Distribution Program at Rasuwa District

    After the training on Forestry and Fruit trees Plantation and Management at Bhorle and Saramthali, the saplings distribution program was accomplished by supporting the 100 beneficiary farmers with multiple agroforestry and fruit trees like coffee, guava, mulberry, hog plum, Ficus semicordata (Khanyu), and lemon. This program would be supportive to enhance the income generatio ...

    Training on Forest and Fruit Trees Plantation and Managment

    A training on Forestry and Fruit trees plantation and management was organized at Nukunda Rural Municipality of Rasuwa district on 29th June, 1st July and 2nd July. The training mostly focused on the introduction of multipurpose plants (shed trees for coffee orchards, fruits, fodder), climate and soil requirements, transplantation techniques, intercultural operations, and disease pest ...

    Meeting with the rural communities of Naukunda Rural Municipality, Rasuwa for beneficiary selection for training and support program

    A beneficiary selection meeting was organized by Nepal Agroforestry Foundation at Pakrin tole, Danusaura and Dangol tole, Newar tole and Bhorle of Naukunda Rural Municipality, Rasuwa district with the rural communities, after the coordination and consultation meeting with vice-chairperson of Naukunda Rural Municipality and Information Officer of Langtang Park and Buffer Zone Area. The beneficia ...

    Agroforestry plantation programme on the World Environment Day

    The World Environment Day on June 5 was celebrated by organizing the agroforestry plantation program at Dapakher, Sindhupalchwok. Five days plantation of Michelia champaca (Chanmp) Cinnamomum tamala (Tejpat) was carried out to the farmers’ field the private forest ; total 1250 saplings were planted. ...

    Inception of the Project:” Model Farms… “

    NAF on 20th March 2019, signed a Memorum of Understing (MoU) with the ASIA Onlus on the implementation of “Model Farms: Improving Living Conditions of the Communities in Rasuwa, Strengthening Agriculture Value Chain”. The MoU was signed in the presence of Mr. David Cecchi, Country coordinator, Mr. Nabaraj Acharya, SeniProgram Manager ( both ASIA Onlus) Mr. Deepak Gautam, Executive Direc ...

    Demonstration day of Silvicultural trials of Private Forestry

    A field day demonstration day of silvicultural trails of private forestry was held on 11th to 12th April 2019 respectively at Dhungakharka Chaubase, Kavre, facilitated byEnLIFT2 team Dr. Swoyambhuman Amatya, Dr. Bishnu Hari Pit, Dr. Edwin Cedamon Ms. Benju Baniya, Hem Bahadur Thapa (Assistant Forest Officer). The demonstration was done on the plot of Alnus nepalensis at Dhungakharka ...

    Organization of Nursery Trainings

    Five days of Nursery training were organized by NAF (EnLIFT2) at Budol nursery, Kavre, Patlepaninursery, Sindhupalchwok in March 2019. The training was provided to altogether 22 farmers. The main activities carried out were

    1. Introduced farmers about Nursery Management
    2. Filling of polybags with the mixture of soil, s, manure
    3. Seed sowing methods different species
    4. ...

      International Agroforestry Conference 2018

      Promotion of Agroforestry fRural Income Generation, Climate Change Mitigation Adaptation Successfully Completed!

      Nepal Agroforestry Foundation (NAF), in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture, L Management Cooperatives, Nepal, Ministry of Forest Environment, Nepal, Kathmu Forestry College (KAFCOL), Enhancing Livelihood Food Security through Agroforestry Community Forestry (En ...

      Dissemination program by NAF with ASIA ONLUS in Rasuwa District

      Nepal Agroforestry Foundation (NAF) in partnership with ASIA ONLUS had a dissemination program for the implementation of the project “Building Back a better future in the most earthquake afflicted Areas, School and Education as a Gateway to the Community” on 25th January, 2017 in Dhunche, Rasuwa. The program was led by delegates such as Rasuwa Chief District officer (CDO), Mr. Chomendra Neupan ...


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