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Thinning of Private Forest (Pine forest) of Chaubas, Kavrepalanchowk district
2021 20 FebruaryUPLOADED BY : [email protected]

Pine is the dominant species in Chaubas, kavre and hence pine forest is very common to the area. Thinning is an effective and powerful forest management tool that promotes tree growth and restores forest health. Thinning was conducted in two small aged pine forest of Keshar Bahadur Lama and Dhana Bahadur Tamang; and a middle aged pine forest of Jagat Kumari Kunwar at Chaubas Kavre from 14th -19th February 2021 with the technical and financial support from EnLiFT-II. The major objective of Pine thinning was to demonstrate the impact of thinning in tree's growth to the forest farmers through the trial plot of Chaubas. While thinning slow-growing and defective trees were removed to provide more space for the remaining trees to grow.