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Nursery monitoring and technical cooperation to the Patlepani Divisional Forest Office Nursery, Chautara, Sindhupalchwok
2020 Dec 22, TuesdayUPLOADED BY : [email protected]

The regular monitoring and technical support to the agroforestry nursery of Patlepani Divisional Forest Nursery, Chautara, Sindhupalchowk has been carried out by ENLiFT 2 Research Officer Ms. Rupa Chapagain on 22nd December, 2020. The nursery contains 120,000 seedlings of various agroforestry and forestry species like Bamboo, Ficus semicordata (Rai Khanyu), Flemingia congesta (Bhatamase), Taxus batata (Lauth Sallha), Ipil ipil, Bottlebrush etc. which were in very good height, health and vigor and it aims to extend its quantity to additional 50,000 seedlings in the year 2021. The demand and supply of these species have been influenced by the pandemic of COVID 19  and diminished to nearly 50%  in the year 2020. The monitoring and backstopping were followed up to all other nurseries of 6 clusters of ENLiFT 2 project. For the promotion of such nurseries, a three days training on “Nursery Management and Development” was delivered to 8 potential and active nursery caretakers of all the clusters (Kavre and Sindhupalchowk districts) before on 23rd -25th February 2020 with an objective to strengthen the capacity of nursery care takers on high value forest nursery and green enterprise. Now, all the nurseries at the 6 clusters are actively producing the different agroforestry species including fodder, fruits and timber to supply in their local areas that are directly or indirectly helpful in improving the socio-economic condition of the local people of the areas.