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Establishment of a collection center at Bhorle, Rasuwa
2020 SeptemberUPLOADED BY : [email protected]

With the objective of facilitating easy marketing of the local produce of Naukunda RUral Municipality (NRM), a collection center has been established at Bhorle, NRM-4 by Nepal Agroforestry Foundation in collaboration with ASIA Onlus. The collection center construction phase has just been completed and soon come into function. The center is subordianted by Naukunda Agriculture Cooperative, the first agriculture cooperative of NRM. Apart from this, the center has been supported with the necessary processing equipment of major cereals like rice and maize to provide the proper processing facility to the local farmers. Farmers are also trained for the proper and efficient operation of such equipment. The local farmers of the area will get the benefits on easy marketing, processing as well as agricultural credit and savings through the Cooperative.