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Training on Women"s Right to Land and Property
2020 Feb 3 MondayUPLOADED BY : [email protected]

The awareness of women's rights and the possibility of access to the land are the starting point of a path of female empowerment. Nepalese women grow up in a patriarchal society in which women's rights are subordinated to those of men. Children brides, with poor or no education, no land rights or independent income, women are a part of society without a voice, dependent on men for their well-being, bearing the continuous weight of discrimination and cultural and social violence against them. Women have always had limited access to the market economy, productive services as well as the education system, health care and local government. Thus, training related to the right of women on asset ownership has been organized with a broad objective to promote the improvement of women's condition, the social and economic empowerment of women in rural areas of Naukunda Rural Municipality of Rasuwa district. The training was helpful in disseminating the knowledge and awareness regarding the women's right, gender discrimination, gender equity, and the allied Act or legal provision, Gender Responsive Public Service and its framework in Nepal, special incentives to the female provided by the government, legal security of women’s right to property and so on. The training was much beneficial for the economically backwarded women to gain the knowledge and to raise the level of understanding about their property rights, the method for the advocacy to secure their right on land/property.