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Organization of Nursery Trainings
March 2019UPLOADED BY : admin

Five days of Nursery training were organized by NAF (EnLIFT2) at Budol nursery, Kavre, Patlepaninursery, Sindhupalchwok in March 2019. The training was provided to altogether 22 farmers. The main activities carried out were

  1. Introduced farmers about Nursery Management
  2. Filling of polybags with the mixture of soil, s, manure
  3. Seed sowing methods different species
  4. Seedbed, transplant bed, Hardening bed preparation
  5. Cutting grafting of different species
  6. Grading of seedlings
  7. Preparation of Biochar based organic fertilizer fermentation liquid (bio-pesticide)
  8. The trainees will be continuously provided with the technical assistance, seeds. As well as their nurseries will be monitored.